Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunday Blessings

Sunday was amazing. We got the chance to introduce our church family to our new little girl, Julia. And, we got to meet the most amazing woman and her family. The woman who introduced us to sweet Julia, Adeye, brought her whole family from the Richmond area up to Fredericksburg. When the Salems walked into the church, I truly felt like family had just arrived. We exchanged hugs and were introduced to all the kids. What a good looking family! Kacey fell in love with Hailee and Harper the second she got her hands on them. She was a little upset because she only had about 10 minutes to love on them before she had to leave to go to Nutcracker practice. Hopefully, she will get to see them again this Saturday when we head over to a mutual friend's house in Richmond.

After the introductions, a light lunch was served. Once people sat back down, it was my turn. I hate speaking in front of people. I know, how unusual. I decided to introduce our church family to Julia the same way we had learned of reading the amazing words put forth by Adeye. I figured enough time had passed since I first read those words that I could get through it without crying. Not so much. I lost it, there up in front of everyone. It took a good long time and a lot of tears before I finished. I think people got a good idea of how much we love Julia and how passionate we are to get her home. It didn't escape me that most of the gathering had tears in their eyes. I then explained the high costs involved in adoption and how Thrivent Financial for Lutherans had set up a matching fund to match up to $1600. What a blessing!

Our Thrivent representative, Wayne Sprick, then came up to say a few words. It was very touching to hear him verbalize how he saw our passion and our love. I am so appreciative of his words and what he has done for us. Once he was done, I asked if anyone had any questions. The pastor's wife asked if Adeye could come up and speak a little about the whole adoption process. Poor Adeye...I totally put her on the spot and asked her to come up. She was a champ. She speaks as well as she writes! She did a great job.

We ended by all joining hands in a big circle around the fellowship hall and one of our good friends Ruth led us all in a beautiful prayer for us and Julia.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the lunch and who shared God's blessings with us. After the free will offering and the matching, we raised $4400 towards bringing Julia home. Thank you, Lord. And, I want to especially thank all those who are praying for us and Julia. My heart aches to have that beautiful little girl in my arms.

The Schwenzer family is going to take a short break from the world as we are heading down to Pocahontas State Park for a quiet weekend of camping. I can't wait for the quiet serenity. It will be much appreciated.

We will hold you soon, Julia. Stay strong...we love you!


  1. I am right in between you and Adeye. I'm close to Charlottesville :) we'll have to all get together sometime!

  2. I've just started following your blog not too long ago, and just love reading it. I can feel your love for sweet Julia through your words. She is such a little angel- I just have to smile every time I see her picture. She's got wisdom in those eyes and I can tell she's going to be an amazing addition to your family!


  3. woooohoooooo!!!!! That is an AWESOME amount money. Praise God!

    Love you guys.

  4. That is so AWESOME!! Praise God to whom all blessings flow! Hallelujah!

    Be blessed