Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paperwork Fun!!!

Wow! Just wow. I am amazed at the amount of paperwork. We have been trucking along trying to get everything in order in just the precise way it is required. I have a new found respect for those who have come before us to tackle this process. Thank God for the helpful people from Reece's Rainbow. Our dossier rep Chris has been awesome. Every time I bother him with another question, he gets right back with an answer. I am sure he will be sick of me before the end...

So, where we are... I have finished gathering the small truckload of documents needed by Forever Families Adoption Services for them to finish up our home study. I will be dropping those off Monday and will hopefully have a completed home study very soon. We have had our CSP's and POA's all filled out and notarized and are now in the hands of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to apostille. Then those will be sent off overseas. Our medical forms will have to wait for another week. Our doctor had the nerve to go down to Haiti and help with the cholera outbreak instead of hanging out here and seeing us :-) We have a really great doctor. We got back our criminal background checks today and unfortunately Carey's date of birth is wrong, so hers will have to be redone. They made her older than me! I ordered our certified marriage certificates this evening. We will soon have another whole pile of forms to notarize and apostille.

Tomorrow, after church, we will be introducing the church to Julia at a light lunch and fellowship we are holding. We look forward to seeing many of you there. We can't wait to meet Adeye and her beautiful family!

All in all, our process is going very, very fast. Soon, we will be done with all the paperwork and then we will just have to sit and wait until February for the courts to open back up. That is going to be a very long wait for us. Julia is on our minds day and night. We talk about her all the time. She is the beautiful prize at the end of this long process. She is so worth it. Our family and friends can hardly wait to get their hands on her to love her up!

Sweetest dreams, my little princess.

P.S. Anyone that would like to see how my oldest daughter sees Julia fitting in...


  1. I'm so happy that you are adopting Julia. She is getting a great family.

    God Bless,
    Amy Land - fundraising for Vika's grant fund

  2. Hi,

    I happened to be up late last night and caught the end of an episode of Mystery Diagnosis and heard Cockayne Syndrome. I thought of Julia and started paying attention. LOL I found the mom's name on Facebook and friended her. She had actually just learned about Julia. Her sister lives near you and someone had told her. She has emailed that person and you may already have her info. I believe she has two children with Cockayne. I think they are 5 & 7. I wanted to give you her name, Maria Ferrara Lazazzaro. If you don't have FB, email me at and I will give you her email. She is eager to talk to you and I think she would be a good contact. Sorry if this is repeated info for you. I'm so excited to follow your journey and praying that it goes smoothly.


  3. Carey, I think Maria's kids are the CS kids you were saying someone told you live in a neighboring subdivision...they are very, very cute! I too heard it was their aunt who actually lives close to you..

  4. Every post you guys write leaves me with tears in my eyes ~ HAPPY tears! The love you have for Julia is so easy to see, and I share in your longing for the wait to be over... Lord, comfort and protect that sweet little girl.

  5. Hello Schwenzer family! I keep checking in, curious how the event at your church went, hoping for an update soon :o) Hope all is well!

  6. Hi there! I think I know who your doctor is and if so they should be able to do your forms no problem- I broke them in for you! LOL ;o)