Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ten months with our smiling Aaron

Mommy meeting our boy for the first time!

Daddy meeting Aaron

Visit to orphanage ~ March 2011

He is such a clown : )

Love this profile!

Naughty boy : (

More smiles....

Building a masterpiece

Checking out daddy's scruff

Barely letting mommy help him

BIG smile

Passport pictures taken this day

Gotcha more orphanage clothes!

Getting his final instructions from Tatiana

Train ride from Kharkov to Kiev ~ He's setting up his toys

Waiting for his first take off from Kiev to Frankfurt

One of his first few days home in America

A ride with his new big brother

Building marble works with Ethan

Helping mommy do laundry ~ He still does this!

Playing with Julia when she was in the hospital

Putting silverware away ~ He still does this job too!

Swimming with Grandpa

Playing in Regan's room.....obviously : /

Kings Dominion amusement park

Evan and Aaron

Melissa and Aaron

Aaron and Uncle Ricky at the Outer Banks, NC

Regan, mommy, and Aaron

Daddy and Aaron

Aaron being wheeled to his eye surgery

Regan and Aaron at Forever Families Picnic

Aaron loves the button table at preschool

LOVE this picture of Aaron and Evan

Aaron on Santa's lap

Ethan, Evan, and Aaron

Daddy and the boys

Ethan and Aaron as shepherds in Christmas Eve service

Aaron on Christmas morning

Aaron asked Santa for a truck like mommy's

Ethan watching Aaron open one of his Christmas gifts

Aaron made a "campfire" and his toys are sitting around it

Aaron at the March for Life in DC


  1. Thank you for sharing - this is such an awesome glimpse into joy. :)

  2. Oh I absolutely loved seeing all of his pictures, and that smile just melts my heart

  3. Beautiful! He is SO full of life!


  4. I agree with the comment above about Aaron's heart melting smile! It really is something. You have a beautiful family and all of your photos scream happiness!

  5. Love little Aaron. He will always be in our hearts. We are so happy to see that he is happy and loved. Thank you for sharing him with us in your blog.

  6. His smile is one of a kind! It always lights up my day to see pics of that boy! Thank you.