Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing Valentin's Family!!

Once again, praising God......IT IS OFFICIAL!!!  Valentin is being rescued.  He has a family coming for him!  And his family has spent countless hours over the last few days working on committing to sweet Valentin and getting a blog started.  Here they are.....The Ashton family.

The Ashton family has three children, two 3 year old boys and a 2 year old girl.  One of their 3 year old boys was adopted from China with spina bifida and they just got home in October from adopting a 2 year old little girl with cerebral palsy, also from China.  Here is a picture of their 3 blessings.

The Ashton family has started a blog, for all of us to follow them on their mission to rescue Valentin.  The link to their blog is

As I have mentioned in my last post, they are going to need all the financial help they can get.  In their first blog post, they write.....

"Valentin is facing EMINENT TRANSFER to a mental institution and we have been told to prepare to adopt him from there because TRANSFER IS LIKELY INEVITABLE. We have also been told to prepare ourselves emotionally for what we will see. If the 'laying room' is horrendous then the mental institution is horrifying. This means we must move QUICKLY to rescue him.

The truth is, we need your help…he needs your help…and he needs it soon. As part of the body of Christ we know that we do not do anything alone. This is not a story of the Ashton Family going to adopt a boy; this is the story of the body of Christ working to rescue a child dearly beloved by God. We are doing everything humanly possible to complete all the paperwork, research his needs, find local doctors and resources for him, plan for travel and meeting him, plan for his return, etc... The one thing we cannot do…is pay for it all. And it is expensive. Considering Christ died for our adoption, $25,000 does not seem like too much.

We have paid for two adoptions in the last two years and have exhausted every financial resource we have. We know God will perform a miracle here and we are trusting in that with everything we have. We do not like nor are we good at asking for help, but hopefully we are wise enough and humble enough to know when we need know when Valentin needs it. We know the sacrifice we are asking you to make by donating and we do not take even the smallest donation for granted. Your prayers are just as treasured."

God's army is coming together to fulfill what he has called us to do......"to look after orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27)."  God is moving mountains to pave the way for this family to travel to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to bring this 6 year old boy into the love of a no longer languish in a lonely crib.  Please pray for Valentin and the Ashton family during this journey.  Pray specifically for all the paperwork to fall quickly into place, for all the travel plans and the many arrangement that need to be made happen smoothly and as easily as possible, and that Valentin can hang on for a few more months and not deteriorate any further.  All of this would be so much easier for this family if they didn't have to worry about fundraising.  Valentin's grant fund has been growing.  Please join God's army in rescuing Valentin by visiting their blog by clicking here and donate to his tax deductible grant fund on Reece's Rainbow. 


  1. We made a donation. Just wanted to let you know that your blog post is working. :)

  2. A few months? Is there a possibility to get him a "baba" like in Katie's case? ( Someone, who will just sit with him... Poor child...

  3. Oh, praise the Lord! God, move quickly! I will go donate now.

  4. Hmmm, the link to his page doesn't seem to have a button for donating... I'm I missing something? I've done this before, but I see nothing to click on here!

  5. So sorry about that! I didn't realize that there was no "donate" button on his page anymore. I fixed it so you can go directly to the family's blog spot and find a donate button through Reece's Rainbow there.

  6. (I was trying to email these but couldn't find ur email...)
    Hello, my name is Cody, also known as Tink on my blog ( I am a young writer, and have been inspired to write a factual/ inspirational book, covering multiple adoptions from Ukraine by bloggers. I am emailing you to ask if you were willing to allow me to use your part in the Valentin story (and the adoption of Aaron and Julia) for part of my book. I hope to get it published, and possibly made into a movie (I have a friend who can help me get it published, but movies depend on Hollywood. It's possible though...)
    Please consider, and please let me know your response. I can give you more information if you are interested.

    1. Sure Cody! No problem : ) Good luck.....