Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking forward to 2011

We just want to wish you all a very happy New Year! We are so looking forward to all that 2011 brings our family. Never did we imagine God would choose us to be adopting two beautiful children this year. We have always talked of adoption, but if it been left up to our time table, we would have waited until our 20 month old was a couple of years older. We know that God's timing is perfect and we welcome these two beautiful children with open arms! We're starting to feel the pressure of all that we want to get done before bringing Julia and Aaron home. But we also can't wait to be going over there to hug and hold them.

As far as the verification of is still not done correctly. Although they overnighted the verification of mortgage to us, there were two problems.

Problem #1: No representative of their institution signed it. So we are not sure what the notary was notarizing. There was some kind of electronic signature of the institution's name, but no date. We don't think this will fly.

Problem #2: There is no notary statement for the notary to fill out on the document. So the notary just put her notary stamp at the bottom of the page and wrote in X___________________ and signed her name on the line she drew. And no date here either.

Steve faxed it to our volunteer through Reece's Rainbow to see if this will work, but we are not hopeful. We have not heard back from him yet.

In the meantime, I called the company in TX again and got on the phone with the same executive. I explained the problems to her. I then told her I would have Steve fax and form to her so that all they would have to do is copy it onto their letterhead, fill out complete with notary stamp, and get it back to us. She said that they might not be able to copy the form onto their letterhead since it is not one of their documents. Ahhhh!!!!

So on Friday, I faxed her another suggestion......they write their own letter to us with all the necessary information. They had already done this before for us except the letter they sent was not notarized and it contained a bunch of unnecessary advertising info. I sugguested they shorten the previous letter they had sent to us (on their letterhead) keeping only the necessary info. we need, copy just the notary statement, and notarize it properly following the explicit instructions we have already provided them.

Yikes is this getting so frustrating!! I am trying to be nice and accomodating, so long as they continue to be willing to try and get this done right for us. She is sounding annoyed, but I am trying to be patient and not condescending. It has been very hard as they are not very competent.

So another week has gone by and we still don't have this done. We are still waiting for our immigration approval so it has not technically held us up yet. But if they don't get their act together, we will soon be waiting on just them.

Still hoping and praying that we can send dossier in mid-January!


  1. I am so sorry about this and will pray to get it done properly.

  2. Ugh...I cannot believe the craziness of it all. Sorry, I know it just stinks.

    Hang tight,friend, I know you know it will all be so worth it.

  3. We are still waiting to try to get ours as well. We aren't sure yet if we are even going to get it unless WE pay to re-appraise the house ($400.00). It's currently going through the legal department of our mortgage holder. . . . praying that we both can get what we need!

  4. Oh my that is so frustrating! I'm praying for your family this week :)

  5. We will pray for God to remove these obstacles from your way. The enemy will try to discourage and put roadblocks to prevent or prolong these precious little ones from coming home soon. Have no fear, they will be home. Don't get angry - just know that God will provide in all situations, even when humans fail at the simplest of tasks.

  6. yikes! this is beyond ridiculous; have you ever thought of going to the media?