Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad news....

Again, they got it wrong. This time it contained all the necessary info. on AHMSI letter with original signature, with a notary statement filled out by notary. This has been the complicated part for them.

I called my 11 year old daughter and her 11 year old friend who was over into the kitchen. I asked them to look on the instruction list and tell me if this document is correct. THEY could very quickly point out to me that two things were wrong. First, the notary stamp is overlapping some of the notary statement text. The instructions state....the notary stamp is not overlapping any writing, lines, or anything else (including the "notary seal" text). There was over 3 inches of space left at the bottom of the page, so there should have been no reason for this sloppy stamping. If this was the only problem with it, we may have considered trying to submit it for approval. But another more significant problem is when the notary wrote in the year, she accidentally wrote 20"10". Simple mistake given the recent new year. So you would think a competent notary would throw it out, have AHMSI print out another copy, and start over. Not this lady! She does what the instruction sheet explicitly states not to do.....nothing is written-over (such as wrote a 0 and tried to change it to an 8). The instructions even have the part in parentheses on it. What is wrong with them??

So, I spent the rest of this morning on the phone with them in tears. I got nowhere because nobody is there that can do anything for me since it's a holiday. Nobody will get any of the messages until tomorrow. The only other idea we can come up with is to have them scan the document (when they think it's right) and email it to us for approval before they mail another incorrect document to us. This is if they are not too frustrated and exasperated with all of this, even though it is their incompetence.

I'm really sorry to keep venting here all the time. It does bring me comfort that so many of you are praying for this situation to come through. God must think we all sound like broken records at this point!And all the advice and other options suggested (even though they have not been approved) are also very much appreciated. We have heard that the SDA office will begin processing dossiers again on Feb. 10. I thought it would have been a bit earlier than this. So we have a bit more breathing room in getting our dossier sent, translated and submitted. All is God's timing!!


  1. UGH that's so frustrating!! Praying....

  2. Hang in there! You will make it through this.... We had many of these same hang ups/headaches too. We did the one document over and over and over. I wept myself silly one day after we had our documents sent over and found out they wanted more. But we survived and you will too... It just seems to be par for the course. Praying for you!

  3. Praying for you guys! I know this has to be so incredibly frustrating to you. Hang in there!

  4. PLEASE vent. we love and care for your family in christ. many people have donated and prayed (still are) to bring your european babies home. in your anger, do not sin, girl. be still, he will fight for you. speak when it's your time to speak. lift your hands and know and trust the Savior never falls short of His plan.

    he will do the rest

    praying and believing with you,

  5. can you change mortgage companies? sounds like that might be more simple than dealing with these people!!

  6. satan really is scared isnt he. Thats alright because our God is able and good and His timing is perfect although none of that really helps right now because you are living it. I went down this road last year. It was a hard road that took an unexpected turn but I am better for the experience.

    Be blessed


  7. I'm sorry to hear about the the document. Yes it should be done without any complications if your children can understand its instructions... I don't understand this 'roadblock'.

    The key is to keep praising Him and acknowledging that He is in control of all this, even this 'failed' document.

    I will praise You
    I will thank You
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    I do not understand
    But I will praise You anyway
    For You are my Lord
    And I am Your child
    And You have good things planned for me
    I will trust You
    Help me do good
    Please give me wisdom
    Show me what to do
    I will praise You

  8. Oh Carey. I am praying this SOON will be resolved. The enemy is really working hard here but our GOD is bigger. You vent anytime here or by phone.

  9. Vent away!

    I am so sorry about the frustration regarding paper work....

    Praying for you guys!

  10. Oh no, I was so hoping it would be right this time! Praying for you!

  11. Some of those names might not be helpful to your case but the more people you contact, the more likely it is that they will know who you are and start to listen. This information was just from a very quick google search. Would be happy to do more. It would really benefit you to know who their PR people are for the company (it will have one, I'm sure, given its size) and its sales and marketing people, and contact them as well about taking your story to the media.

  12. Wow.
    Just, Wow. I don't even have words for you.

    But -- BUT -- take heart that the mortgage company got it right this time! It was the notary who messed up. Since she/he works for you, it should be fairly easy to speak to the notary directly and explain why the document was problematic. Hopefully, it should be good on the next go, providing the mortgage company does exactly what they did previously.

    Further, I hope to goodness the notary refunded you for his/her service fee on this most recent document. The notary's work was sloppy and unacceptable. He/she should offer to re-do it *properly* free of charge (and ideally, also refund the money).

    I'd also be close to calling shenanegans. The notary is getting paid for each trip to the mortgage company, so more incorrect documents equals more money for the notary. I'd call him/her on it, especially if his/her work has been flawed more than once.

    As I suggested previously, I'd go to the media. They'll eat this up. You'll get your *correct* document very, very quickly (and likely, at little/no charge) once the news station and newspapers are involved.


  13. UGGH!!! That is so frustrating!!! Don't you just wish you could go down there and hold their hands and make the do it right! Praying they get it right soon!