Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Friday, August 10, 2012

We have a court date

We learned last night that we will be having court on Monday, August 13, 2012.  We ask for you to join us in prayer that all goes smoothly and in our favor.  Our facilitator says everything should be fine and we have nothing to be worried about.  This is comforting to hear.

We will spend the weekend here and hope to visit Avery one more time on Sunday.  We will be heading home on Wednesday for the 10 day waiting period.  Right now we are trying to figure out exactly when I will be coming back.  My 27 year old brother will be coming back with me, since Steve cannot take any more time off from work.  I will also be bringing our 7 year old son, Ethan, so we can get about 2 weeks of schoolwork completed while here.  Kacey has already been getting some of her schoolwork started while here too.

Anyways, we have visited Avery yesterday and today.  Aside from another two episodes, one each day, she has been calmer.  These two fits have been hard to decifer what has caused them.  They seem to come out of the blue.  She instantly gets a panicked look on her face and just starts yelling and aimlessly running, as if she has no idea where to run to or what she is running from.  Its very difficult to know what to do.  Today she seemed like she was in some kind of pain.   There are a lot of bees flying around the area where we play......I guess its a possiblity that she could have gotten stung.  There was no one around to translate and she cannot talk well enough to let anyone know.  She was scratching at her rear end and yelling in repeated outbursts.  The nanny was talking to her during some of her calmer moments, but then she would go back into her fit again.  I sat her on my lap and tried to console her.  She seemed to like it, but would grab at her rear again and wiggled down.

Steve and I decided to take her for a walk.  She took our hands willingly and we started out by walking around the grounds inside the gate of the orphanage.  She was perfectly fine as soon as we started walking away and remained calm.  We walked to the far end of the grounds and saw an opening in the fence to the road outside the orphanage.  We went through it and walked the road the rest of the way back.  Again, she was fine this whole time.  We are not sure if she was simply distracted by the walk or away from whatever had initiated the episode.

As we turned a corner onto another road that borders the orphanage ground, she wanted to pick up a strange, orange colored berry along the road.  We have no idea what it was, so we didn't let her eat it.    She is always trying to scavenge for food.  One day she tried to pick up a cup on the side of the road that had something in it.  She is also always trying to drink the bubble solution.  Remember the day we brought water??  She drank and drank and drank.  Her lips are always chapped which is not normal in the summer time.  She is obviously not properly hydrated and is also very hungry.  So when we stopped her from eating the unknown berry, she started acting up again.  She was trying to smack our hands.  I grabbed ahold of her hands, sat her down in my lap in the grass along the side of the road and just held her.  She did the whole routine again of trying to bite my hands and throwing her head back against my chest.  I just held her till she calmed down with a soothing voice trying to get her to settle herself.  She did calm down rather quickly and then enjoyed my soothing touch and voice so much that she didn't want to continue the walk!  She just wanted to sit with me.  So we stayed here for another 10 minutes of so.  Then Steve started walking back to check on Kacey and Evan.  Very soon after I stood up with her and followed Steve.  She was compliant with me carrying her back.  She was calm and went in for lunch when we returned.

She is a very sweet girl who has so much potential.  We cannot wait to get her out of here and home.  We long for the days when she is with us all day long, enjoying the company and love of our whole family together.  I know it is coming soon, but it is still hard waiting for it.



  1. Could she have worms re the scratching?

    1. I had thought of pinworms also, but I would think the discomfort would be more constanst, but we'll get it checked out as soon as she's home. She does try to put a lot of things in her mouth, so it would be very possible.....

  2. They give children very little to drink so the kids don't wet their beds. Usually no drink after supper (which would be around 5 pm) at all. And usually that's the last food they get that day too.

  3. Praying that the Lord gives you peace and wisdom for every situation that comes up with Avery. How so exciting for her to start a new family life. It must be hard with the orphanage behaviours, but I am sure once she settles in with your family, and learns English, a lot of things will start to make sense for her. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and sharing with us how to calm her down, it will help others an idea on how to calm their child too.

    May the Lord bless the rest of your trip and court date.

  4. I was thinking maybe she was constipated. Dehydration can cause hard stool which would be painful if she was still or in one position too long? But then sitting on your lap wouldn't be comfortable either... I'll keep her in my prayers.

  5. I heard of a type of parasite that is inside the body then comes out and bites the behind. Maybe a possibiliy. I can't remember what it is called but a Dr should know. Good luck and God Bless.

  6. Pinworms come out at night, so I don't think it's that. Hummm. Prayers!