Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Month in Pictures

Ethan and Aaron building a marble run
Evan and Regan giving Julia love...

.....more love from Regan...
.....and some more!  Can you tell Regan adores Julia?

Regan feeding Julia a bottle

Ethan's turn feeding Julia

Aaron's favorite chore....helping me with the laundry

Julia at the park

Aaron at the park

The finished project!

Aaron's second favorite chore......

 ....sorting the silverware from dishwasher
Aaron playing with Julia at the hospital

Grandpa and Aaron....Aaron loves dunking his head under the water!

Kacey's 12th birthday slumber party

Evan's 2nd birthday (he and Kacey share the same birthday...May 5)

Evan's birthday gift

Julia is doing great with her NG tube feedings.  Yesterday she weighed 18 lbs. 1 oz.  I am sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up as I had promised, but I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed.   It's been very busy for us.  It is my birthday this weekend and my wish was to get away for the weekend.  So we are going camping!


  1. It looks like a glimpse of Heaven. So glad to hear the kids are doing well, they are all so precious! Thank you for sharing, don't feel bad about taking a while to post them - we all understand how filled your life is right now. :)

  2. Beautiful family! Have a wonderful birthday weekend away! So glad all the children are doing so well together! Many, many blessings!

  3. Julia and Aaron look so loved! What cuties! Have a wonderful time camping and Happy Birthday :)

  4. Those pictures of Julia being loved on by her siblings brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I are considering adopting from Reece's Rainbow, we already have a son with Down Syndrome. Reading your blog, and others, have helped me realize even more how much we need to do it! Thank you for sharing,
    Mary Arnold
    Raleigh NC

  5. So beautiful! Great to see the pictures. Blessings to you all!

  6. Wonderful pictures! Glad Julia is HOME! Can't wait to see you guys!
    Amy & Family

  7. Such sweet photos! thank you for sharing.

    I feel like Julia's color, or something, just looks so much better. What a wonderful thing!

    Aaron always has the best smiles for his pics! Love all the pics of the whole family.

    Happy Birthday weekend and enjoy your camping trip!!

  8. Again, what a blessing to have little Aaron WANTING to help you with chores! He is so sweet. The pics of Julia and Regan are just too precious. Thanks for sharing the pics! Have a great camping trip!

  9. So glad Julia is home and that everyone is doing so well.

    Have you joined us on the After the Rainbow group yet? It's an awesome place to get support! There is a page on Yuku that we're all moving to. Please come say hi! If you need help finding it or would just like to talk one-on-one with someone who has "been there" please feel free to email me at

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reeces Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

  10. Praising God!!! My heart is so full I can hardly stand it.

  11. I was just asked to serve the Peace Corps in the Ukraine- and I immediately thought of Julia and Aaron- so happy to see they are adapting/adjusting well!