Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camping and Kings Dominion

Yesterday Julia had a follow up appointment with her GI doctor.  She weighed a whopping 20 pounds!!  That's 4 1/2 pounds since we got her home....praise the Lord : )  She has another appt. in a month, at which point they will look at scheduling her to get a GI tube placed.   We have finally gotten them on our health insurance.  We are looking forward to getting Julia some glasses and scheduling Aaron's botox injections to help straighten his eyes.  Now that we have gotten over the major hurdle with Julia's severe malnutrition, we are going to start getting Aaron the orthopedic appts. to see what steps we can take to help him walk better.

We have been busy trying to finish up school with our oldest daughter, Kacey.  Unfortunately, I will be doing school with Ethan probably until the end of July.  He was basically without school while I was gone for 6 weeks.  Kacey had her Spring Dance show this passed weekend.  But dance is not over for the year.  She is finding out any day whether her teachers think she is ready to go on point in ballet.  This means ballet classes for most of the summer.  Regan's preschool has ended for the summer. 

I'm so wanting things to wind down and calm down, but with 6 kids, even if the running around ends....the craziness at home does not!  Evan, our two year old is still, by far, having the hardest time adjusting to 2 new siblings.  He still wants so much mommy time and there is just not enough of me to go around.  I need prayers for patience and for peace in not getting everything accomplished as quickly as I would like to.  Many days I feel like I have very little time to sit back and enjoy these 6 blessings, besides taking care of their physical needs and keeping the house running smoothly.  It is quite a challenge.....a challenge that I knew I was facing, but being so wrapped up in all the adoption paperwork and travel, I could never have fully anticipated or processed how much of an adjustment this would be in all areas of our lives.  But when we can see the noticeable weight gain in Julia or watch her roll over to her tummy and get on all fours or hear Aaron speak more and more English everyday or delight in his squeals of laughter on an amusement park makes it all worth it.  God is good and will sustain us!

Here are some pictures of our camping trip two weekends ago and Kings Dominion yesterday:

Julia getting breakfast
Daddy frying bacon for our breakfast
Kacey and her best friend Sarah setting table while Evan waits to eat

Regan, Evan and Ethan romping around with Julia just before bed

Julia, Evan, and Ethan

Julia on her tummy!

She is so proud of her new energy and strength!

Ethan and Evan at Kings Dominion

Regan and Aaron at Kings Dominion


  1. What a blessing to see them growing and responding so well to all the love they're getting!

  2. So glad that they are doing well. Things can be hectic with so many most certainly. It gets easier. We have 12 with one to arrive very soon and 4 coming from Eastern Europe (still waiting I800A approval). Things are always busy, but it becomes the normal after awhile.

  3. :o) I give that new little girl of yours 6 months max and she'll be independently mobile!

    Continued prayers for the health and growth of your newest family members and the adjustment of your other children! Glad you had a good camping trip!

  4. Ooh, Kasey on pointe!! Exciting! Good to hear that Julia is getting bigger; thank the Lord!!!

  5. OMG! It was awesome seeing pictures of Julia on all fours. She looks so sweet and cute and yes fuller. LOL!!
    The other kids are just as cute too but seeing her was such a blessing.

    I am sure your world has changed so much but from the looks of it, it really looks like you are doing a great job with all the kids, especially your new ones.

    Please post more pictures of Julia doing things that at one point most of us thought she would never do again. Also keep us informed on what is happening with her and Aaron medically. Of course we want to know about all the other kids too, but unfortunately these are the 2 that are in need of medical stuff now, and does not mean we do not care about your other ones.


  6. Thanks so much for the update...I can't imagine how busy you REALLY are. You continue to be in our prayers.

  7. I've been following your journey since the first posts by Adeye advocating for Julia. What a joy to see the children home now, surrounded by a loving family. I pray that God gives you the strength you need to get through the day to day challenges.

    God bless your beautiful family.

  8. Dear Carey,

    I was also following your adoption story, it is wonderful that you could rescue these two precious children.
    The other day I came accross a disease and the picture of Julia jumped into my mind. Has she been genetically tested for Cockayne Syndrome? I am not a physician, but maybe she shows some symptoms, that are also consistent with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.


  9. Where do you all live? We're in Leesburg in Northern Virginia about 1 1/2 hours from Kings Dominion. . .

    Great to see so many nice positive changes with the children.

  10. It looks like Julia's hair is growing fast! All your care displaying itself in healthy changes. :) Email me if you have tube feeding needs (supplies) because I might have some of what you need.

  11. How's everyone doing?! I know it's not your duty to update this blog, but I'm so anxious to see the kiddos!! I come by twice daily hoping!! I know it's a lot to ask from a stranger, but we love these babies from afar!!

  12. Hope everyone is doing well! I check in time to time! Remembering your family in prayer daily!!

  13. Hello,
    I visit your blog every day, hoping today is the day you will post an update... It must not be easy for you - I hope all is well.