Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tough day yesterday

Yesterday was a very tough day.  I didn't sleep much on the train here to Kiev.  And we spent most of the day running around to embassy appointment and medical appointment, not getting to our apartment until 3 in the afternoon.  No shower, not even able to brush our teeth.  While driving around, I buckled her up in the seatbelt and she did not like this.  She cried every time.  We even showed her that Ethan and I were buckled right next to her.  By the third time, she must have gotten used to the fact that I was not going to budge on this issue and she did not cry.  

Once we got back to our apartment, we had to keep our eye on her every second.  She is testing every limit.  We have dealt succussfully with a few temper tantrums.  She is learning to obey what we say.  I want to be home so much!   But one thing we learned with Aaron is that these days one on one are crucial to things running smoother once home.

Here are two pictures from dinner last night.  You can see she has stuffed her cheeks full of food in the second one.  She finishes every meal, even before Ethan.  And after she's finished, if one of us steps away from our food for just a second, she is after it!  She loved my spaghetti sauce.  There is only one food that she has turned down and that is a can of pineapples we had in Kharkov.  We didn't like them either, but we thought they must be really bad if she didn't want them!


  1. first, I want to say it is wonderful news that Avery is now with you!! :)

    praying that the Lord will give you much wisdom and peace on how to deal with situations that comes up

    soon you will be home and all this will be a memory :) not long to go!!!

  2. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Avery is learning about family and boundaries and that is soooo new. You are really good at teaching your kids about that but I'm sure it is exhausting. You'll be home soon.