Family Pic Nov 2015

Family Pic Nov 2015

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Less Orphans

For those of you who followed our adoptions of Julia and Aaron, you may remember my dear friend Aimee, who traveled with me on the second trip to help me bring them home.  This wonderful lady and her husband Roger, have four children and she HATES flying on airplanes.  The personal sacrifice by Aimee and her family to help us will forever be engrained in our hearts.  It was also an incredible gift to spend two weeks with a great friend.  Our busy lives at home would never allow such time together.  It was truly a blessing. 

Throughout the earlier years in our friendship of 13 years, Aimee and I had many conversations about adoption.  I know she and Roger prayerfully considered it and even started the paperwork at one point.  But life got in the way and it never happened.  In more recent years, we were both still stay at home moms, raising our kids and caught up in the "busyness" of life.  The topic of adoption was clearly not on the radar.  Even she will tell you that when she first learned we were committing to adopt Julia, her reaction was that we must have lost our minds!  What on earth were we thinking?.....4 kids, one still so little, and homeschooling?   How would this be possible?  If our roles were reversed,  I can't say I wouldn't have had the same reaction.  But along with many other people in our lives who were leary of the journey we were about to embark on, she (and her family) quickly and wholeheartedly became one of our greatest sources of support.    

I would like to introduce the Medlin family and announce that..................

Aimee, my dear friend of 13 years

Roger, Aimee's husband

Aimee, with their 4 children: Josh, Sam, Mike, and Anna

Aimee and Roger HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding!
We are praising God and rejoicing that they are in the process of adopting not one...not two...but THREE children! 

They have committed to three absolutely adorable children from three separate regions in an EE country.  It has not been an easy road.  There have been struggles, disappointments, changes, and much waiting.  But they have relied on God's strength and guidance and have perservered.  Aimee went on the first trip this past winter and visited them for three weeks, one week with each child.  They have just recently received a court date and are expecting to find out soon when they will travel again.  With this country, there is a lengthy time period between the first trip (meeting the children) and the second trip to bring them home.  The waiting has been very hard at times, but by God's grace, they have continued to focus on Him, who they know is in control of ALL things!  

Aimee and Zaidlyn

Aimee and Mateo

Aimee and Evie

Please keep Aimee, Roger, and all seven children in your prayers. We are praying specifically for the process to go smoothly and timely, for safe travels, for financial provision, and for peace during the adjustment of settling in with three new little ones. Adopting three children at one time has been a large financial committment for them, one that they have made very graciously and unbegrudgingly. The final trip and expenses for their adoption are expected to run them another $8,000.   I know they could use financial help and would be humbly appreciative of any monetary support.  Please consider donating to the Medlin family through their Reece's Rainbow "Sponsor a Family" page here

Three more children will be orphans no more!
Glory be to God!


  1. Oh I am so excited! I have been praying for Mateo and I am so excited he is coming home to your fabulous friends! We also have adopted 1 child with dwarfism and turning around for another little guy!

  2. Great post on a wonderful family! We were in EE with Aimee in March and we're hoping to hook up again for our second trip to get all of our kids together. Almost there...♥

  3. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Watch God Work!!!

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    1. No, or I would have given a link for it.

  5. I'm so happy that you shared this, Carey. I remember how much help Aimee was during your trip to bring the kids home. I've seen their profile on RR and wondered about a blog, too. (pssst..Aimee, would you Pretty Please do an adoption blog?) I'm delighted for their family and that three beautiful children are coming Home! Sure glad they are bringing home 2 daughters, because Anna needs some sisters! Off to donate! Carey, when will YOU be traveling to bring your sweet girl home? I just love your family! I found you through Adeye's blog, a long time ago, and have been delighted with each new blog post! That Julia is amazing! Seeing her standing made me tear up. I so want to meet you all. I'd love to give you all a hug. Take care and may He continue to Pour out His Love and all that you need to bring Miss M Home! Love, Jo

  6. Loved reading this and seeing the updated pictures of the the children. Beautiful!!